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Premium Package $175 - for your comfort and convenience
Summer Special $125 (expires August 31)

No Needle Spray Anesthetic
Not a fan of needles? Who is? The No Needle spray is just as effective as the needle injection but improves patient comfort and puts your mind at ease.

Only One Visit - your vasectomy

No Pre-Op Visit
ALL patients must first get approved before they can book their vasectomy.
With Basic Coverage patients must make an office appointment to be assessed and get approved for surgery.
With the Premium Package patients simply submit a questionnaire by email which is reviewed by Dr. Billinkoff.
(Occasionally approval cannot be given based on the questionnaire alone and an office appointment may be required.)
No Post-Op Visit
Two sperm samples are recommended after 3 and 4 months to confirm that the vasectomy was successful.
With Basic Coverage patients must be seen in the office to get their test results.
With the Premium Package patients can view their own results online.
We do not provide results by phone or email.
Choose Your Own Appointment
Once approval is given, an appointment for surgery can be booked online. With the Premium Package you can choose your own appointment from any that are available.

Cancellation Insurance
There is a $250 charge for patients who do not provide at least 2 business days notice of cancellation. With the Premium Package, this fee is waived ONCE.

Medical Forms
There is no charge to patients for completing medical forms.
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