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Before Vasectomy

  1. Shave the entire scrotum (sac) before you come in. Make sure that no hair is hanging down over the sac from above. A disposable razor with or without shaving cream works well. Some patients find it easiest shaving in the shower.
  2. Wear a t-shirt, loose pants and tight underwear or a scrotal support to the office.
  3. Have breakfast or lunch before you come in. Some patients feel faint on an empty stomach.
  4. Please arrive on time!! Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  5. You should be able to drive yourself home. You may choose to have someone drive you, especially if you have a history of feeling queezy or faint with medical or dental procedures. Plan to be in the office for less than one hour. The surgery itself only takes 10 minutes.
  6. Don’t plan to return to work that day. Plan to go home, put your feet up and apply ice. Have some Advil or Aleve available.
  7. Avoid Aspirin (ASA) or other blood thinners such as Coumadin for 1 week prior to your surgery.
  8. You may use your mobile device to amuse yourself during the procedure. Being entertained is an excellent distraction! Ear buds are recommended.
  9. Review Risks and Complications