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Dr. Errol Billinkoff
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Dr. Errol Billinkoff

Dr. Errol Billinkoff M.D. graduated from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine in 1982. With post-graduate training in Urology, his surgical practice is focused entirely on vasectomies. As one of the first physicians in Canada to offer the no-scalpel technique, Dr. Billinkoff understands that experience is an extremely important factor when considering a vasectomy.


Beyond having a safe and successful vasectomy, it is Dr. Billinkoff's goal to provide you with the most streamlined and enjoyable encounter possible. He has spent over 25 years refining customer service. Here's how;

  • He is compulsively punctual... a rare trait in the profession. He is also available 24/7 for any urgent matters.

  • His assistant, Barb, has worked with Dr. B. for over 20 years. She knows how to put you at ease and how to answer all of your questions. She also has infinite patience with anxious men!

  • Dr. B. has been a pioneer in the development of medical software designed to improve your interactive experience. With advances in the use of the internet and the widespread availability of smart phones, Dr. B. has led the way in providing patient services online.
This website offers all the information that most patients need as well as a video to explain our services.

We show you all available appointment times in real time and allow you to select or change your preferred appointment. This is far more advanced than the online REQUEST for an appointment which other offices offer.