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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a No-Needle Vasectomy?
Originally, the freezing used to numb the area where a vasectomy is done involved a tiny needle. Some patients would either find the needle painful or would have tremendous anxiety about it.

A better method of delivering this same liquid has been developed to make this procedure more comfortable and to reduce patient anxiety. A spray applicator placed on the surface squirts the anesthetic through the skin just deep enough to reach the vas which is positioned just beneath the skin. A few squirts are usually sufficient to "freeze" the skin and the tubes inside the scrotum.

Is having a vasectomy in an office right for me?
While having a No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy in the office works well for most patients, it is not ideal for everyone. Other options should be considered for:

-overweight patients (>300 lb)
-patients who have had previous surgery for an undescended testicle as an infant
-patients with extreme anxiety or a history of not freezing well with previous medical or dental procedures

These patients would benefit from sedation offered either in a hospital or at another clinic. This can be arranged by contacting our office.

In rare cases, a patient may come in for surgery only to find that it is not possible to do for technical reasons or due to extreme patient anxiety. In such cases, the procedure will not be done and other arrangements will be made.