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Risks & Complications

Bruising - is quite common and of no concern. This will disappear with time and should not cause any symptoms.

Swelling - can occur for one of three reasons. The most common cause is from body fluid that collects in the healing tissues from standing (gravity), straining or injury (sex or getting kicked) soon after surgery. This could include swelling of the epididymis gland attached to the testicle (epididymitis). Swelling can also be caused by bleeding or infection.

Bleeding - can occur from the wound or can be internal. Bleeding from the wound is usually messy but does not cause any symptoms. It is controlled by applying direct pressure to the wound. Internal bleeding (hematoma) is quite different and can potentially be quite painful. Though small hematomas may occur in about 1% of cases, only about 1 in 1,000 will be significant. There is no specific treatment for a hematoma. The internal blood is progressively reabsorbed and disappears over several weeks. In very rare circumstances, hospitalization and further surgery could be required.

Infection - occurs in less than 1% of cases. This is treated with oral antibiotics. It can be quite painful and can take several weeks to completely resolve. In very rare circumstances intravenous antibiotics could be required.