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Do's and Don'ts Following Surgery


Leave the bandage on for 3 days, then take it off.  You can shower with it on anytime.  If it comes off sooner than 3 days, don’t panic… just leave it open… a bandage is not required.  This tiny hole usually heals easily within 5 days.  The only problems related to the wound are;

Bleeding - if you notice any bleeding from the wound, just pinch the hole with a cloth to maintain direct pressure for 5 minutes.  This is similar to how you would treat a small cut from shaving.  Call if bleeding continues even after applying direct pressure.  Blood in the ejaculate in the weeks following surgery is common and of no concern.

Infection - this is quite unlikely to occur but is easily treated when it does.  Suspect infection if there is a creamy discharge coming from the wound, or if the wound hasn’t completely closed within 5 days.  Treat infection by wiping the wound with peroxide twice daily and applying polysporin ointment after.  Cover with a bandaid so the ointment doesn’t rub off.