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Those who wish to arrange their vasectomy directly, without a prior visit, can request an online consultation. In such cases, patients are asked to complete a questionnaire which is submitted to our office by email. The questionnaire is reviewed by Dr. Billinkoff. Those deemed suitable will be approved for surgery and will be notified. They may then proceed with booking an appointment for a vasectomy online. There is a $75 fee for this service.

Those who do not meet the guidelines for approval may be required to arrange an office consultation with Dr. Billinkoff before an appointment for surgery can be arranged.

The online consultation is designed primarily, but not exclusively, as a convenience for patients who live outside of Winnipeg. However, without the opportunity to examine patients in advance, Dr. Billinkoff cannot guarantee that he will be able to perform the vasectomy. Anatomical variations may prevent this.

This option is not recommended for those who are young, uncertain or know that they are likely to faint or feel excessively squeamish while having the procedure done under local anaesthetic.

The Online Consultation process may take up to a week or more. Once you have received approval you may select Book Your Vasectomy and choose an appointment time.