Why the Billinkoff Vasectomy Centre?


Very few doctors worldwide have performed as many vasectomies as Dr. Errol Billinkoff. He has over 25 years of experience and has performed over 25,000 vasectomies. No physician west of Toronto has ever had this level of experience. Knowing this gives patients confidence and puts their minds at ease.

  1. Wide range of appointment times
    We do vasectomies 5 days a week giving you a wide selection of appointment times.

  2. Pick your own appointment
    We show you all available appointment times on this website. You get to choose whichever one suits you.

  3. Get test results online
    All test results are made available to patients on our secure website. No need for return appointments to get results…particularly helpful for out of town patients.
Improved Technique - Dr. Errol Billinkoff brought the No-Scalpel Vasectomy to Manitoba over 20 years ago. A more recent advance is the use of a spray instead of a needle to numb the area, improving patient comfort.

We offer surgery 5 days a week. We're centrally located in downtown Winnipeg, just 2 blocks from Portage Ave. and Main St.