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How many appointments are required to have a vasectomy?
Usually 2 appointments are required. The first appointment would be for an office consultation where patients are approved for surgery, if appropriate. The second appointment is for the vasectomy.

Some patients may prefer to have their vasectomy done with only one appointment. This is particularly true for those coming from out of town.

To arrange to have a vasectomy done in only 1 appointment, patients must first be approved for surgery with an online consultation. Our goal is to ensure that only those patients who are considered appropriate for a vasectomy bypass the office consultation. A fee of $75 will apply for this service.

Follow up appointments are recommended for those patients living in the Winnipeg area. These appointments should take place a week  after providing each sperm sample. This allows the opportunity to;

  • Confirm that we received the results
  • Review the test results
  • Discuss any concerns

Do I need a referral from a Family Doctor?
No. You can make your own appointment for a vasectomy. A referral from a family doctor is sometimes required when a patient is considered too young to have a vasectomy.

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